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Making city life for dog moms a little easier...

Poop Bags, Hands-Free Leashes and Dog Collar Sets available

Life is too busy to run out of poop bags during our daily dog walks, so we’ve solved that problem with our Scented Scoopers dog waste bags.  We’ve designed our bags to alert you when your roll is low, and our dog collar and leash sets make you look dam good when walking your pup. Let's upgrade your dog's wardrobe!


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Life is too busy to run out of poop bags during your daily dog walks. We’ve designed our Scented Scoopers to let you know when your roll is low so you won’t have to poop-n-run.

Style your pup in our newest colorful Cocktail Collection.


Each set contains

  • Waterproof dog collar 

  • Waterproof Leash 

  • Poop bag holder

dog collars and leashes with poop bag holder

Customer Reviews

We didn't think we would like the hands free leash but we have fallen for it and have two now. I also love the easy to use poop bag holder


I love these bags. But, the most impressive thing about this company is the wonderful customer service!


Really nifty leash. I walk my dogs hands-free now, allowing me to use my phone. Good thing about it is that its clips are sturdy and tough and can take my dog's sudden hard pull with no problem. A must for any dogwalker!


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