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Shih Tzu wearing a purple dog leash and collar set

Welcome! We’re Stacy and Kahlua from Las Vegas, NV. Kahlua is my spunky Shih Tzu who teaches me to be the best dog mom I can be. 

The Beginning

One sunny day in Las Vegas, Kahlua and I were on our daily walk. After sniffing around for a bit, she found her perfect spot. Just as she was finishing her business, I went to pull a dog waste bag from my dispenser. I had none left! I was empty! I had no warning, nothing to alert me; I was almost out. This caused us to cut our walk short, and my fur baby loves her walks. I mean, I know this has to happen to other dog parents, right? I devised a solution to this issue. Kahlua’s Kompany was started with the intent of helping every dog parent become fully prepared for each walk they take. 

Scented Scoopers - So you don't have to poop-n-run

I designed our scented doggie poop bags, Scented Scoopers, to alert you when you’re down to your last 3 bags. They are marked with a small sticker that counts down from 3 to 2 to 1. This should give us ample time to stock up for our pets.


From there, we expanded our brand to include fun and chic dog accessories. These include cute dog poop bags holders to carry your waste bags. We also have an ergonomically designed hands-free leash for dogs to enhance your outdoor time. Dogs are just amazing, so why not pamper your pup and increase your quality time with them.


Thank you for checking us out. We take pride in our planet and try our best to help keep it feces-free. It’s not only our dog's playground but ours too. Let us help keep it beautiful.


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