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The Perfect Mother's Day for Dog Moms…Or Any Day

mother's day for dog moms

Happy Mother's Day for Dog moms! Mother's Day is coming up, and we have the perfect plans to set up your special day with your best friend, your dog. Who is to say Mother's Day is for the moms and their human kids? Our dogs are just as much as our kids as humans are, and we have the perfect options for planning your day with them or, honestly, just any day. Our dogs are our true loves, and what other way to spend our special day than to plan a fantastic Mother's Dog Day?

  1. Beautiful morning walk with your dog - How about a pleasant stroll through a new park or a dog beach? Are there parks you haven't visited but would like to check out? Is there a dog beach near you? How fun would it be to let your dog check out new sights, sounds, and smells and watch them live their best life? Do you live near the ocean but are unsure which beaches allow dogs? Click on the link here to locate a beach.

  2. Dog-friendly coffee shop - Grab an iced latte for you and a Puppuccino for your pup.

  3. Brunch on a pup-friendly patio – Look for dog friendly restaurants that offer a patio. Make reservations (it is Mother's Day, so places will be busy) and if you have never dined out before with your dog and are unsure what to do when planning a brunch out, read our blog here (Brunching with Your Pals and Pup, A Guide to Dining Out with Your Dog) to prepare for your perfect patio dining experience. To locate pet friendly restaurants near you, click the link here.

  4. Throw a puppy party – Invite your friends and their dogs over for a puppy theme dog party! How cute would it be to host a brunch or tea party with your friends and their dogs? I'm excited just thinking about it! The decorations, the invitations, food, desserts, games, music, party photo backdrop. How cute would it be to decorate your backyard for the perfect Mother's Day Dog Mom brunch!

  5. Photography session - Update your IG account with adorable pup pics. Find a mural, charming backdrop, or location that would be perfect for your pictures.

  6. Dog yoga or "Doga" session - These dog-friendly dog yoga sessions are great to bond with your dog. Yoga is excellent for the mind & body but having your best friend there will be more beneficial for you and your soul.

  7. Specific breed meetup - Some dog owners are really into their particular breeds. How fun would it be to look up meetup groups specializing in your breed in your city? Could you imagine a Shih Tzu meetup and all the ponytails or Corgis with their cute bums bouncing around? It would be wonderful to meet dog moms of the same breed and brag about your doggies.

These are some ideas for planning your perfect day with your dog, but it doesn't have to be Mother's Day only. These are excellent ideas for dog birthday parties, adoption day, or just a regular day, but how adorable would it be to plan a Dog Mom Mother's Day on Mother's Day.

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