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Trendy Gift Ideas for Dog Moms

Christmas is right around the corner, and we've purchased all the gifts for our friends and family, but what about dog moms? Did we include them on our Christmas list? Dog moms are becoming a hot trend and so have their gifts. New dog boutiques are hitting the market daily with their fun and unique products. Gifting is becoming much easier for our dog moms. As the owner of my doggy boutique, I have put together a list of some great gift ideas for our dog moms.

These dog waste bags aren't your ordinary poop bags. They have a twist and are guaranteed to make your daily dog walks much easier. They have a lavender

gift ideas for dog moms

scent and for your convenience we have numbered our poop bags on the last three bags that alert you when your roll is low. Read more here: Scented Scoopers Dog Waste Bags | Kahlua's Kompany

Who said carrying your dog's used poop bag was cute?

gift ideas for dog moms

As if!! Well, we're here to say now it's fashionable and trendy! Our one-of-a-kind designs, PoopTails, are the cheekiest dog accessory that will change the way you handle your pup's “business”. They clip to your dog's leash and when your dog poos, you just scoop, tie, slip & clip and toss when you get near a trash bin. They come in two fun designs: a Margarita and Cosmopolitan. Watch a tutorial video here

gift ideas for dog moms

Juggling your phone and iced latte is essential when walking your dog, so our Hands-Free dog leash is perfect for the busy dog moms. Moms are working on their content, scheduling their next meetings and taking dog selfies, sometimes all at once! We made this easier for them! They need our hands-free leash that allows them to keep their lives on track while getting a little vitamin D.

We know driving to the nearest pet store for your dog's basic collar, and leash is

is easy, but why? With dog moms becoming a trend, our dogs need to be fashion

gift ideas for dog moms

icons too! Our collars and leashes are chic, water-resistant, and easy to clean. They include a dispenser for dog poop bags that is large enough for your keys and treats. Currently we offer two colors; Lavender Martini and Emerald Isle so your pup can strut their stuff in style!

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