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Did You Hear the Scoop? Picking up your Dog Poop is Cool again.

Picture this: You’re out enjoying a beautiful walk with your dog at the park, beach, or even your favorite hiking trail and as usual your pup has some “business” to do. You reach down to properly pick up after your pet, and low and behold you have one poop bag left! You’re stuck without any backup dog waste bags and are hoping your dog can make it home before any other gifts make their way to the ground.

Kahlua, my best friend, goes everywhere with me. Running out of pooper scooper bags wasn’t an option for us, nor should it be for any pup owner. Often times we as, “pet parents” rush out the door to walk our dogs. We naturally just grab the leash and go. Hardly ever do we think to check the poop bags dispenser for remaining waste bags. I’ve got a solution to this problem! Here at Kahluas Kompany, I want to prevent dog lovers from running out of poop bags while they’re spending quality time with their pups; especially while on those important walks.

Scented Scoopers are scented doggie poop bags with countdown warning stickers for the last few bags. This feature will let you know when there are three bags prior to the end of your roll, signaling, “Hey human; time for a refill roll!”

Scented Scoopers are super simple to use

You place the roll in your poop bags dispenser and use them regularly. When your poop bags become low, down to the 3rd bag remaining, a notification on the bag will pop out to let you know there are 3 bags left. The 2nd and last bag are labeled as well to remind you the roll is low. Our colorful green bags will remind you Earth is our home too, so don’t poop and run!

What's included

Not only do Scented Scoopers warn when the roll is low, they’re manufactured with quality in mind and emit a pleasant, subtle scent to remind you that picking up after your pup doesn’t have to be a dirty job. Each order includes a squeaky dog toy, because let’s face it, what pup doesn’t love a new squeaky dog toy sound? Our product is packaged in a reusable case that’s great for traveling or storing items.

We take pride in our planet and leaving feces behind just isn’t on the agenda. Our planet is not only our dog’s playground, but ours as well. Let’s try our best to keep it feces-free.

Shop Scented Scoopers here


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