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Mouthwatering Watermelon Dog Treats

Kahlua tested and Kahlua approved!! Kahlua loved this recipe so we felt compelled to share it with her kommunity. What pup doesn't love watermelon!

Warm, sunny days are here, and that means frozen dog treat season! These watermelon dog treats will give you all the summer feels not to mention cool your already cool dog down.

Watermelon is made up of 92% water which is why these treats will seriously quench your dog's thirst this summer. This melon is also packed with healthy vitamins and minerals and is low in calories. It's truly a miraculous melon that you and your pup can enjoy.

Some food for thought

Make sure you are using seedless watermelon and don't include any of the rinds. Both of these can give your dog an upset belly, and no one wants that!

In addition to watermelon, I have included plain Greek yogurt. If your dog has trouble digesting dairy or has allergies, simply omit the yogurt and only use watermelon. Trust me; your dog won't know the difference.

And of course, we all love going the extra mile for our dogs, so I added a parsley topper to these treats. Not only do they look pretty but parsley is great for freshening doggy breath.

You can find these silicone molds on Amazon or I've seen them at Michaels craft stores. If you can't find them, ice cube trays will always work but lets be honest, these are super adorable.

Pro Tip:

When using silicone molds, place them on a baking tray before you add the liquid. Then when you transport them to the freezer, they will be on a flat surface and won't spill all over the place.

Hopefully, these treats make you even more excited for summer. Just looking at them makes me want to grab the sunscreen, a beach towel and bask in the sun.


Watermelon Dog Treats

These refreshing watermelon dog treats are the perfect way to keep your pup hydrated this summer.

Prep Time: 20 minutes Servings: 24 treats


  • 2 cups seedless watermelon pureed

  • 1/2 cup Plain Greek Yogurt

  • 1 tbsp parsley chopped


  1. Puree seedless watermelon in a blender.

  2. Chop parsley

  3. Place mold on baking tray. If you are using the paw molds, first insert a small piece of parsley into the bottom then add a thin layer of plain Greek yogurt. Freeze for one hour. Next, fill the remaining mold with watermelon puree. Freeze overnight or at least 4 hours.

  4. For the dog bone mold, add a piece of parsley to the bottom of mold and spoon in a layer of watermelon puree. Freeze one hour. Next, add a layer of plain Greek yogurt. Freeze one hour. Finally, add another layer of watermelon puree and freeze overnight or at least 4 hours.

  5. Keep frozen until ready to serve.


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